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  • Emily Helmers

    This is the worst. I want money back before it’s too late…in 5 years I’ve made $30…wtf kind of investment is this? Also, it’s impossible to talk to anyone.i wanted to schedule a call back, but i have to wait 13 days until the next available time…terrible!

  • Vaughn McCamy

    I am in the same boat. Awhile back they claimed to send 31.00 as a dividend, when I emailed them they said it was direct deposited into my bank account. Problem is i didn't have a bank acct that I submitted at that time. I have made $18.00 in 5 years and now they are going to extend the term to 7 years even though they quit with the 2.00 / month dividends. I believe we need to contact the SEC.


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